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Understanding ADHD in Young Girls

Very few health problems that confront children in this world are as concerning as ADHD. Just 30 years ago, most instances of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder went undiagnosed, but better diagnosis protocols have led to significant changes in pattern recognition among treatment professionals and even parents.

To some, the number of cases we see today may seem like an epidemic sweeping the United States, but the truth is that there is very little evidence to suggest that actual instances of ADHD are on the rise. Most professionals believe, instead, that what’s different these days is that far fewer cases are left undiagnosed.

This is a significant benefit for both parents and children. ADHD can be a crippling disorder when left untreated, making it very difficult for a youngster to enjoy their formative years, and in some cases, leaving internal and external scars that complicate a transition to a successful and productive adulthood.

Does ADHD Look the Same For Boys and Girls?

Most doctors will agree that ADHD is easier to diagnose in young boys, and far more difficult to gauge when dealing with girls of the same age. Boys are often quite active, and because they are generally considered to be less attentive anyway, they are probably at risk of being overdiagnosed for various degrees of attention deficit problems. Girls on the other hand tend to have dramatically different behavior patterns. They are often quieter, given to less squirming, etc.

But girls with ADHD will show behavior that deviates from their peers. Let’s have a look at some of the most common deviation so that we can have a better picture of how it manifests in females versus males.

In its broadest terms, you’d be looking for a girl who both finds it hard to pay attention to others and at the same time engages in behavior patterns that indicate an extreme need to be paid attention to by others. At times, this can be simple talkativeness. It might seem that she is overly communicative, but is in actuality speaking with very little listening going on.

And tone can be an important indicator. Is she excessively bossy? Does it lead to social issues, specifically those that alienate others and lead to damaged friendships?

Be on the lookout for traditional ADHD characteristics as well. Is she disorganized? Are deadlines regularly missed? If you find these behavior patterns coupled with some of those mentioned above, it might be time for a more formal diagnosis.

Evaluation is absolutely critical. Find a neurofeedback doctor in CT with plenty of experience, and let them help you determine if your child could benefit from treatment. One thing that we know about ADHD is that it always causes stress and confusion when left untreated. You have nothing to lose by engaging the advice of a professional if you are concerned that your own child might be suffering from it.

Why Gaming Capture Card Reviews Are So Important

Why Gaming Capture Card Reviews Are So Important

capture card setupIn the day where any gamer with a capture card and a good personality can become a sensation and earn money off their gaming, it is more important than ever to have the right capturing equipment. Not just any capture card will do, and even the included capture technology embedded into the Xbox One and PS4 consoles may not be enough for the best of the Twitch and YouTube gaming crowds.

Those who watch videos of others play games want to see high quality videos, smooth captures and a seamless integration of voicework. That’s not something every capture card can provide, as some are low quality, some will not provide consistently smooth view and others adjust have trouble working with the system they are being used on.

A gaming capture card review can expose these problems, of course, and consumers need to be aware of the great resource they provide. They don’t have to buy a capture card blind. Instead, they can read trusted reviews from industry professionals, such as the reviews on gaming capture card review. They can learn which capture cards are worth their money and which ones they should be avoiding.

They can also find out more general information, such as what to look for in a capture card, what makes one card different from another and what constitutes a high-quality capture card. These are things that not every gamer interested in the technology knows about, but they can easily learn thanks to the resources provided by an in-depth gaming card capture review.

More and more gamers are taking their gaming to the public, trying to become the next big personality and making money off their endeavors. There are numerous avenues for them to reach a wide audience, but they aren’t going to be successful with equipment that isn’t of decent quality. There are lots of options available to them, and consumers need to be careful that they make the right choice.

Reviews will clue them in on what the average price of these capture cards should be, what features each card has and why one card might be a better choice for them than another. It’s not just about power, capability and features. Sometimes, choosing the right card comes down to what’s affordable. Not everyone can afford to buy the most powerful or highest quality card on the market. So, reading a few reviews gives them some perspective on a few different options and lets them know about some alternatives to the generally accepted best capture card that may work well for them.

Are Smart Drugs Addictive?

Are Smart Drugs Addictive?

Over the last few years, the word nootropics has not only been making the rounds at medical institutes, but also among college-going students and working adults. Many individuals are turning to nootropics as a means of excelling in their work and academics, or simply to improve brain health. These smart drugs have a wide range of benefits relating to cognitive functions and neural activity.

There are many contradicting stories and studies surrounding smart drugs, however, which confuse both, potential and current users. One of the biggest concerns for new users is safety; this is followed by the possibility of the substances being addictive. Before we get to the latter, let’s discuss how safe nootropics are and the right way of going about their usage.

Are Nootropics Safe?

nootropics-supplementHaving been tested, researched and now, widely used, nootropics have proven to be safe cognitive enhancers with rare and mild side effects. Again, there are mixed reviews regarding the safety of these supplements with a few reported incidents of “alleged” severe side effects after taking smart drugs. At this point in time, it should by duly noted that each individual can react differently to taking smart drugs.

Another concern with regard to the use of nootropics is dosage. They say too much of anything is a bad thing; well, the same principle should be followed when taking smart drugs. If consumed in moderation or as prescribed by a doctor, the benefits can be surprisingly significant, whereas as overusing nootropics can lead to some complications and side effects.

The effects of long-term use of nootropics are also yet to be discovered. However, many studies show that there is a gradual climb in brain activity and cognitive functions when using the supplements continually as time passes.

Smart Drugs and Addiction

The word “addiction” can easily be defined as a psychological response to something as opposed to an actual brain disorder. Once people are enlightened about the multiple benefits of cognitive enhancers, they immediately want to give it a try. In a bid to cope with stress and anxiety related to succeeding in careers or academics, people often begin to misuse smart drugs. This is one of the reasons why some users claim that nootropics are addictive when in actuality they are simply allowing themselves to be dependent on the substance.

Some research findings, however, do suggest that stimulants are addictive if not taken in small amounts. This, again, is caused by the user who chooses not to follow the correct dosage of the smart drug. There are some nootropics which have strict dosages (generally the ones that are classified as prescription drugs) due to their strength. This, however, does not necessarily mean that they are addictive, but rather harmful if taken in excess.

In conclusion, leaving out stimulants which should taken as prescribed, smart drugs are not addictive until a user psychologically believes that they require the supplements to function normally.