Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

In the hot summer months, it is very important to find ways to stay cool. This is especially important for families that have young children, or care for the elderly. Young children and senior citizens are more prone to heat exhaustion and other potentially fatal heat-related ailments. To avoid these unfortunate situations and to stay crisp and cool indoors, be sure to give your cooling system regular maintenance and care to increase its life and reduce costly repairs. If your AC unit seems to be acting up, read on to learn about the common signs that point to a broken or deteriorated air conditioning system kenmore appliance repair los angeles.

Signs that Point to Repair

One general issue found in home ac repair is the “turn on and shut off” situation. This means a person will turn their air conditioning on, and then a few seconds later, it shuts off automatically. The common basis of the problem stems from the fact that all electrical appliances, including heating and cooling systems, require a continuous source of electricity running through the appliance. In the case that an AC unit is turning on then shutting down, there could be an issue with the flow of electricity to the unit. There is usually something blocking the electricity or stopping it from continually flowing to the appliance.

Another cause for this type of malfunction is quite opposite. Rather than there being a block to the electrical flow, there could be too much electricity flowing into the unit. An electrical overload will cause the compressor within the machine to shut down. Usually, these appliances are manufactured with a safety regulator, or button, to regulate the energy flow because they are so susceptible to electric surpluses.

Besides electricity complications, there are other signs that point to repair. A regular repair issue is when a person can hear their AC turn on, but they cannot feel any cool air coming from the unit or vents. In an air conditioning appliance, there are two main components that make the flow of air happen, and happen cold: the compressor and fan motor. If either component is broken or disrupted in any way, this situation will occur. Because you can still hear it running but cannot feel cold air flowing, it is probably the compressor that is working and the fan motor that has the issue. With the compressor running, it appears that the system is working, when in fact, it is not.

On a different repair level, ac units can also have complications with noise. If a person turns their cooling system off, and hears banging and clunking noises, there is a problem. Rather than the fan motor being the issue, this time, it’s the compressor. This situation takes time to develop, usually from years of wear and tear and lack of regular maintenance. It can also just be a faulty AC unit. Either way, it is an obnoxious complication to have and is an issue that will eventually require attention.

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